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Pansat 6000



Pansat 6000 HXC
Pansat 6000 hxc
Discontinued by the Manufacture.

This is the Pansat 6000 HXC from the makers of Pansat products. Digital Satellite Receiver Dual Tuner PVR which allows two independent satellite feeds to two separate locations in your home or office. It's almost like having two independent receivers in one.

The Pansat 6000 has a 60GB removable hard drive ( approximately 36 hours recording) ,2 Tuners , you're able to watch two independent shows at once with PIP, record live, watch another live or record two and watch a prerecorded show. There's more improved features you would expect from the fine products of Pansat.
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Free Forum Support
Free Shipping
DiseqC Switch
Upgrade Cable
Free Remote
Free Batteries
Slim Size, Low Heat, Low Power, Low Noise , Light Weight
Soft&Stable Forward and Backward in Various speed
Easy & Simple data transfer(PVR HDD<->PC)
Front Cartridge Type (2.5" HDD)
Fast Cutting of the recorded memory
Power Scan:Fully Automated Satellite Scanning
10,000 Channels TV& Radio Programmable
Multi Windows (4,9,16 pictures)
2 Tuner Inputs
100 Satellite, 10,000 channels programmable
2 Common Interface Slots
Real Time Clock
USB V 2.0
Smart Search
60GB Mini Removable HDD (36 Hours of Recording)
Conax Embedded Card Reader